North Dakota Scholarships and Grants

You’ve worked hard – from K through 12 – and now it’s time for college. Bet at times you thought you’d never get here! You are a senior and getting ready to go to college, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a little help to do so. Scholarships, loans and grants were created just for that purpose – a little help, and sometimes, a lot of help. You’d be amazed at the dollars out there waiting for you to find them. Listed below are only a few of the programs available, but one might be just right for you. Check them out, and then, if you’d like to see more, visit your high school guidance counselor – there are a lot more out there!

Horatio Alger North Dakota Scholarship Program

If you are a high school senior who has already faced and overcome great obstacles in your life, you need to take a closer look at this program.

Other requirements include residency in-state; that you be able to demonstrate financial need; that you have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and have maintained good academic achievement; that you are serious-minded in your approach to your future; and, that you are community service orientated. Along with your completed application you will need to submit an essay, copy of your transcript, a letter of support, and an income statement. The scholarship may be used for full time undergraduate study at any accredited 2 or 4-year college in the United States. There is no specified major field of study, however, your studies must be in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. Please visit this website for an application: These scholarships are for $5,000, and there are multiple awards available.

Past President’s Parley Nurses’ Scholarship

If you always wanted to grow up and be a nurse, now’s your chance!!! And, if you are the child of a veteran of the U.S. military, even better. To apply you must live in North Dakota, and plan to major in nursing. To be eligible you must be the descendent or dependent of a veteran. Awards are in the amount of $350. To obtain an application, contact:
American Legion Auxiliary, Department of North Dakota
Chair of Dept. Parley Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 1060
Jamestown, ND 58402-1060
Phone: 701-872-3865

Midwest Student Exchange Program

Do you live in North Dakota and want to major in a specific career field, but can’t seem to find a school in-state that offers the curriculum you need? No problem! That’s why this program was created – to help defray the extra expenses of out-of-state study. Funds awarded are designated for use in specific schools in Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, or Wisconsin. Visit your high school guidance counselor for a list of participating schools and programs, as well as specific information for each state. You can find more details on the website:

North Dakota Indian Scholarship Program

This is a renewable scholarship that will be awarded to an American Indian – an enrolled member of Indian tribe – who lives in North Dakota, and who can provide proof of need for financial aid to continue their education. Along with an application, you will have to submit a transcript, showing a minimum GPA of 2.0, proof of your eligibility, and a copy of the budget prepared by your family, you, and the financial aid office at the school you plan to attend. Those with a GPA of 3.5 or better are given preference during the selection process. Amount of the awards vary from $500 to $2,000, and there are multiple scholarships given each year. For more details, go to the website:

Treacy Company Scholarship

This is a renewable scholarship for full-time college freshman in North Dakota, Idaho, or Montana. To apply you must reside in one of those states, be a high school senior, and be able to demonstrate your need for financial aid. Letters indicating leadership ability, attitudes regarding community service and a transcript showing high scholastic achievement must be submitted with your application. The award is in the amount of $1,000. You must write for an application:
Treacy Company
P.O. Box 1479
Helena, MT 59624
There is no website available for this resource.