US Scholarships and Grants By State

US scholarships make higher educational attainable and affordable for many students. When students consider scholarships, they might think on a national or international level. Why not tap into the free money from countless US scholarships available through each state?

Some States naturally have more scholarship opportunities than others do and this is largely dependant on how active community groups are and whether the dominant State industries support scholarly pursuits. In many States with strong union activity scholarships are available through family union scholarships. Likewise in States with specific industry interests, for example a State strong in IT development, many scholarships are available in courses of study which support that development.

On a national level there are a profusion of scholarships available to students gifted academically, athletically or creatively. That is also true at State level. Many philanthropic organisations which are local, offer student scholarships to students showing exceptional ability or talent and the same goes again, for industry.

While FAFSA (Federal Application for Student Allowance) are without a doubt the biggest provider of education funding in the United States, there are many other local opportunities to be explored. Don’t be confused though, if the scholarship provider requests the FAFSA application as part of the process. Many providers find the forms easy to use and fulfilling of all of their requirements so request FAFSA applications purely to simplify the process.

When applying for State scholarships other information you will want to keep handy and ready for submission are any references from teachers, coaches, community leaders and employers; personal details including certified copies of identification and residency, a résumé, most recent grades and achievements, a personal essay, and generic cover and thank you letters which can be modified to the scholarship application.

Prepare all of this information well in advance and have it ready. The sooner you are prepared the better because as soon as applications open for any given scholarship it is best to get in early. An early application will allow plenty of time for interviews; additional requests and the number of choices you end up with will be greater.

Beginning the scholarship application process can seem daunting but like everything, being prepared and beginning will put into perspective the task at hand and make the whole thing easier. The first step can be the most difficult but from there the process becomes easy and familiar. This section aims to make that first step simpler by providing information and listings about scholarship opportunities on a State by State basis.

Here are some of the State scholarships that are waiting for your application. Good luck!