Massage Therapy Scholarships and Grants

Recent years have seen resurgence in holistic medical treatments and alternative methods for general health and well being. This has created a renaissance in massage schools and scholarships.

As with all other scholarships the criteria is varied but the process is similar. Good rules of thumb are to prepare early, research a lot and prepare paperwork and references before you begin the process. That means looking at all of the different scholarship offers that may apply to your situation or abilities. Getting the criteria and application guidelines for each and compiling these in some sort of priority order.

Prepare a folder in which you keep this information and other important details and documents which are related to the application process. Also include in the folder, copies of references, personal details and financial data so that if an opportunity arises there is no reason to delay an application.

When you have all your paperwork organized and well written and all your data and references compiled you are ready to go. These are a few of the massage school scholarships around, to get you started.

Mary Tabacchi

The ISPA Foundation offers scholarships in amounts up to $5,000 to individuals who are seeking a career in business, health science, hospitality or spa management.

American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)

AMTA is offering $5,000 scholarship to one massage therapy student. Email:

Dr. Michael and Marlene Nissenblatt Scholarship

This Scholarship is for first or second year post-graduate students of western medicine who are seeking a career in traditional Chinese medicine. Qualifying applicants will be embarking on study in acupuncture and/or herbology and who embrace and bring the human touch and human spirit to health care. Deadline: Augutst 30th.

Cortiva Institute Scholarships

The Founders' Scholarship ($1,000 award) and Presidents' Scholarship ($500) issued to an eligible student at each participating school in honor of the work and dedication of the founders of the Cortiva massage schools.

School of Massage Therapy Alumni Association Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the School of Massage Therapy Alumni Association to currently enrolled massage therapy students. It is a single scholarship of $250 awarded at the Massage Therapy Symposium and Spring Gathering.

Stewards of Massage Therapy Scholarship

This scholarship was established from Alumni contributions and donations from friends of the University who are members of the Stewards of Massage Therapy giving program. The number of awards depends on the number of donations. Each scholarship is worth $500 and is awarded at the Massage Therapy Symposium and Spring Gathering.

The Imagine Scholarships

These scholarship awards are for high school seniors interested in pursuing a career in massage. Successful applicants receive a $1,000 career education scholarship.

Specific scholarships for massage schools or massage therapy students used to be very rare, two years ago a student would have been lucky to find five in the whole United States. As you can see from the impressive and incomplete listing above that number has been increasing rapidly which is great for all of us. Many scholarships not specific to massage programs are available for students based on economic need, gender, ethnicity, academic achievement or for other, sometimes quite interesting or bizarre reasons.