International Scholarships and Grants

International scholarships make it possible to attain higher education anywhere in the world. Learn about other cultures as you earn your college degree with general scholarships. Thanks to international scholarships, you have an opportunity to travel for a broader perspective of the world.

Postdoctoral Professional Students

Maintenance grants are available for study worldwide to anyone in an unrestricted field of study. The grant is to maintain, develop and improve the French cultural and natural heritage as well as to develop scientific research, particularly biomedical. The award amount is based on student request for postdoctoral professional studies. Submission date is March 15. The contact info for this interesting grant is 10 rue Alfred de Vigny Paris, 75008, phone 33/1-47 66 01 21, contact Simone and Cino Del DeLuca Foundation.

Honoring Mesothelioma Sufferers

Students from anywhere in the world focused on an unrestricted field of study can pursue the Mesothelioma Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship honors the people who died from mesothelioma, a deadly disease caused by exposure to asbestos. To find about more about the $500 scholarship, contact President Christina Barsch at PO Box 2560, Rapid City, SD 57701 or visit with deadlines of 8/15, 11/15, 2/15 and 5/15.

Outstanding Writers

Are you an outstanding writer who wants to consider any field of study and pursue your higher education anywhere in the world? The Authors of Tomorrow might be the right scholarship for you. Students who submit the best essay on topics listed at the sponsor website will receive the scholarship(s) totaling $1,000 to $10,000. The submission deadline is March 1. To learn more, contact Ryan Glendinning, 115 Garfield St. #5432, phone 778-549-7593, website

Students Looking to Study at NJIT

Students from around the world in any field of study can pursue research, teaching and graduate assistantships at New Jersey Institute of Technology. The fellowship award amount of $20,000 is to attract outstanding academic research and performance to NJIT. Student must be pursuing graduate or postgraduate studies. The submission deadline is January 15. Contact Ronald S. Kane, Dean of Graduate Studies, at New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ, phone 201-596-3462, fax 201-596-3463, website There are more than 300 research and teaching assistantships in research and academic departments.

Graduate and Postgraduate Research

Students from around the globe in any field of student can pursue Grant-In Aid for study at institutions in North America. The grants are for research in the pictorial, manu, artifact and imprint collections. The Grant-In Aid award grant is up to $1,000 per month with submission deadlines of March 31, May 30 and October 31. The grant is for graduate and postgraduate students. For additional details contact Carol Lockman, Hagley Museum and Library, Center for the History of Business, Wilmington, DE 19807, phone 302-658-2400, fax 302-658-0568, website

Schiller International University

International students pursuing any field of study may be eligible for a scholarship of $2,775 if they are interested in attending Schiller International University. The scholarship is for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate study in North America. The submission deadline is April 1. To find out more about this scholarship money, contact the Financial Aid Office, Schiller International University, Dunedin, FL 34698, phone 727-736-5082, fax 727-734-0359, website at Schiller International University was founded in 1964 and today the student body represents over 100 country, fostering cultural growth.

Undergraduate Students at International University

Qualified undergraduate international and domestic students studying any field may qualify for the International President Scholarship and International University Scholarship. Tuition reimbursement is given to students studying in North America. The reward is $2,400 to $3,000 per year. To find out current deadlines and more, contact Darla Wilson, Director of Admissions, United States International University, San Diego, CA 92131-1799, phone 619-635-4772, fax 619-635-4739, website

Needy Undergraduate Students to Smith College for Women

Needy female students from around the globe can pursue the Smith College grant to attend Smith College. The award allows students from outside the United States to attend Smith on the basis of need. Students can pursue any field of undergraduate study at Smith with a submission deadline of February 1. Learn more about this scholarship by contacting Myra B. Smith, Smith College, Northhampton, MA, phone 413-585-2530, fax 413-585-2566, website This grant enables women from various backgrounds to invest in a quality education from a private institution.

Students Enrolled at Southern Illinois University

International students already enrolled at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale will be pleased to note their generous tuition awards in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement. The scholarship is available to SIUC student only pursuing any field of study in North America. Students receive an award of $750 to $3,000 toward undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies. Get more info from Christine Svec, International Programs and Services, Carbondale, IL 62901-4333, phone 618-453-5774, fax 618-453-7660, website

Students Enrolled at Oregon State

Are you an international student already enrolled at Oregon State? If you would like to talk about your country and culture to audiences of all ages, you might be one of a select number of students to receive partial tuition remission. Only 32-35 international students will receive awards of $6,000 to $9,000 toward any field of undergraduate and graduate study at Oregon State. The submission deadline is April 1. Get additional detaisl by contacting ICSP Director, Office of International Education, Corvalis, OR 97331, phone 541-737-6480, fax 541-737-6482, website

Students Attending Mars Hill College

International students studying at Mars Hill College may qualify for one of their academic scholarships to help meet tuition costs for any field of study. The award amounts are $1,000 to $8,400 for undergraduate studies. To find out more about these international scholarships, contact Rick Hinshaw, Dean of Admissions, Mars Hill College, Mars Hill, NC 28754, phone 828-689-1123, 828-689-1300, website Mars Hills College was founded in 1856 and is located 15 miles from Asheville, the largest city in North Carolina. U.S. News and World Report lists Mars Hill College as a first-tier regional liberal arts college.”

Students With All the Answers

Are you an international student with all the answers? There is a scholarship just for you! is offering the Scholarship to deserving students with 50 accurate, quality answers at their question and answer website. One award of $5,000, two $2,500 and ten $1,000 scholarships will go to students pursuing undergraduate studies in North America, Asia, Oceana and Europe. Applicants must be citizens of the United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or Ireland. Students may choose any field of study and the submission deadline is March 31.

To get answers about these scholarships, contact Matthew Crowder, 237 W. 35th Street, Suite 1101, New York, NY 10001, phone 505-715-5312, 646-502-4778, website Request a paper application by email to, by phone at 1-864-3363 or by mail at 4320 Wade Hampton Boulevard, Suite G, Taylors, SC 29687, website

American Undergraduates Studying in Critical Regions

Have you always wanted to spend time abroad in one of the regions critical to United States national interest? If you long to be in the thick of things, check out the National Security Education Program David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarships. American students can study any major worldwide with a scholarship award of $2,500 to $20,000. The submission deadline is February 15. To investigate this educational opportunity further, contact Scholarship Administrator, 1400 K St., NW, Washington, DC 20005, phone 800-618-6737, fax 202-326-7698, website Boren scholars study around the globe including Asia, Eurasia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

For Leaders

The Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program gives students the opportunity to pursue advanced study to become leaders in their respective fields. Graduate students are typically exceptional with the ability to further develop their own countries and promote social and economic justice around the world. Recipients can study any topic worldwide. The scholarship amount and deadlines vary. To learn more, contact Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program, 809 United Nations Plaza, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10017, phone 212-984-5558, website

Promoting Equity for Women in Education

Are you an individual, organization, institutions or project working toward equity in K-12 education for girls? You may qualify for The Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award toward any field of study at an institute of higher education anywhere in the world. The award is $5,000 with a submission deadline of November 11. Find out more from the AAUW Educational Foundation, Department RR.INT, Washington, DC 20036, phone 319-337-1716, website The fund was established in 1989 to promote a broad range of work in equity for women and girls' education.

Students Studying Abroad

SIT Fund is a scholarships fund to promote study abroad opportunities around the globe. Undergraduate students can pursue any field of study worldwide. The award amounts vary. Students must be enrolled in the SIT Study Abroad Program. To find out more about awards, submission deadlines and more contact Bob Laws, Web and Publications Producer, PO Box 676, Brattleboro, VT 05302-0676, phone 888-272-7881, fax 802-258-3296, website In 2009, SIT Study Abroad awarded a total of $750,000 in scholarships. Financial need is a primary consideration.

Students Looking to Study in Belgium

The Deans Fund pays all or part of tuition fees for international students looking to follow a masters or MBA program at the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School in Belgium. If you always wanted to study in Europe, this might be your golden opportunity! Pursue any topic or major in your postgraduate studies. The submission deadline is March 31. To find out more about this European scholarship, contact Peter Rafferty, Vlamingenstraat 83, Leuven, XX 3000, phone 0032 479 950, fax 003216323581, website

Men Studying at Wabash

The Wabash College International Merit award helps international male students cover the costs of studying at Wabash, a liberal arts college in North America. Students may pursue any field of study. The Wabash College International Merit Award seeks to attract qualified undergraduate international students from diverse backgrounds. The award amount is $15,000 with a submission deadline of February 1. To find out more, contact Rudy Cope, Coordinator, International Recruitment, Wabash College, Crawfordsville, IN 47933-0352, phone 765-361-6455, fax 765-361-6437, website

Relieve Educational Debt

No matter what or where you study, you may qualify for the Get Out of Debt Scholarship. To be eligible, you must be attending or plan to attend a trade school, college, vocational program, technical institute or other post-secondary education program. The award amount is $500 with submission deadlines of 1/15, 4/14, 7/15 and 10/15. To find out additional info, contact Christina Barsch, Marketing, PO Box 2560, Rapid City, SD 57701, website

Students Who Want to Travel

Are you an outstanding student longing to travel? Check out my Travel Bug Fellowship to make your dream a reality. Financially needy Americans take advantage of a number of these Fellowships annually to travel abroad. Applicants are judged on educational merit, writing quality and originality. Trips overseas are self-designed for 1 to 3 months. Fellows must write travelogues with photos of the travels for publication online. Students may pursue any field of study anywhere in the world. The award amount is $1,000 to $2,000 dollars with a submission deadline of March. To get additional details, contact Amanda O'Neil, Executive Director, 60 Elm Street, Westerly, RI 02891, phone 401-555-1213, website