Adult Learners and Returning Students Scholarships and Grants

Adult learners and returning students have more opportunities for scholarships and grants than you might think. As more adults return to college or attend for the first time, additional scholarships and grants become available. Why not take advantage of paid opportunities for adults to enjoy the benefits of higher education?

Professional Women

Are you a working woman who is a member of the Business and Professional Women's Foundation? If so and you are at least 25 years of age, you can compete for career advancement scholarships to help fund your education. For more information about the organization and educational opportunities, visit

Returning Students Scholarships for Women

Are you a women returning to college to pursue your first undergraduate degree? You might qualify for one of five $10,000 scholarships or one of fifty $1,000 scholarships from the Talbots Women's Scholarship Fund. This national scholarship from a major women's clothing retailer encourages returning students to complete their degrees at two-year, four-year and vocational schools. To find out more about Talbots scholarships, visit

University of Wisconsin

Are you an adult student looking to attend college in Wisconsin? If you are between the ages of 25-50 and working toward your first undergraduate degree, you might qualify for a scholarship up to $5,000. For additional details, visit

Winston-Salem State University

Much like the University of Wisconsin, Winston-Salem State University offers adult learners 25 years and older an opportunity to apply for specialized scholarships. Returning students should check with their colleges of choice to find out if they now offer scholarships and grants for adults learners. To learn out more about scholarship opportunities from Winston-Salem State University, visit

Union Members

Are you a member of an AFL-CIO affiliated union? You might qualify for scholarships through your local union chapter. Scholarship opportunities vary from chapter to chapter so you might be eligible for more money than you thought. To find out more, contact your state union office about scholarships or visit for additional info.


Did you serve in the military or are you related to a former serviceman? As a member of the American Legion, you might qualify for special scholarships. Former servicemen, military reservists and veterans of wars such as Desert Storm, Vietnam, Panama or Grenada are often eligible for American Legion scholarships. Descendants of an American Legion member may also qualify for scholarships. To get additional details, visit your local American Legion post or their website at

Methodist Universities

Do you want to attend a Methodist University? There might be a scholarship just for you. From young students to adult learners, the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry grants scholarships to students attending a Methodist University. For additional details about these scholarships, visit

Non-Traditional Students

Executive Women International offers the ASIST program for Adult Students in Scholastic Transition. This non-discriminatory educational scholarship program benefits non-traditional students such as those past high school age, returning students and first time adult students. Funds can be used for tuition, books, mandatory school fees and child care. Applicants must show financial need, social, physical and/or economic challenge with clear career goals, specific educational objectives, be 18 or older, use re-entry programs available and reside within the boundaries of the EWI Chapter where the application was submitted. To find out more, visit

Single Parents

Are you a single parent in Arkansas looking to further your education? The Arkansas Single Parent Fund established a scholarship to recognize the impoverishment of single-parent families in the state. Scholarships totaling $22,000 will be awarded to qualified single parents to pay for educational expenses. To find out how to move from poverty to prosperity with scholarships for higher education, visit

Walmart Associates

Do you work for Walmart? You might qualify for the Walmart Associate Scholarship, formerly referred to as the Higher Reach Scholarship. In 2010-2011, the Walmart Foundation awarded over $9 million in academic scholarships. The application period for the Walmart Associate Scholarship opens August 6, 2010 for Walmart and Sam's Club associates based in the United States. Scholarships are awarded based on community involvement and financial need. Find out more about these scholarships opportunities at

Rotary Members

Are you involved in volunteering or community service? If you belong to the local Rotary International, you might be eligible for a scholarships. Volunteers qualify for scholarships regardless of their student status or age based on the rules of each local branch. To find out more about opportunities in your area, visit

National Exchange Club Members

Do you volunteer or perform community service through the National Exchange Club? If so, you might qualify for scholarship dollars regardless of your age or school status. Each local branch has its own rules for awarding scholarships to worthy applicants. To learn more about National Exchange Club scholarships, visit

Financial Need

Are you a motivated student with financial need? From young students to adult graduate students, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation offers a variety of scholarships and grants to stellar students demonstrating financial need. The application deadlines are late January. For additional details about these scholarships for adult learners and returning students, visit

Students Attending a Datatel Institution

If you currently attend an eligible Datatel client institution and have returned to school after being away for five years or more, you might qualify for the Russ Griffith Memorial Scholarship, formerly known as the Returning Student Scholarship. The scholarship is open to undergraduates and graduates and full- and part-time students taken at least six credit hours. Students must write a personal statement essay no longer than 1,000 words about the impact of being a returning student. Outstanding applicants are awarded scholarships in the amount of $2,000. In 2008-2009, Russ Griffith Memorial Scholarship awarded 50 scholarships totaling $100,000. To find out more, visit

Technology and Media Workers

Are you employed in the fields of media and information technology? Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) is an organization helping employees to further their careers by awarding adult scholarships. The BAVC scholarship program provides free training and classes to adults. Two viable scholarship programs for adult learners include MediaLink and Digital Directions. To get additional details about these adult scholarships, go to

Kentucky Students

Do you want to attend the University of Louisville in Kentucky? If you are over 25 years old and want to attend school in Kentucky, you might qualify for the Beth K. Fields Scholarship. This generous programs awards full tuition and is awarded once a year. To get additional details, visit

Displaced Homemakers

Are you a homemaker looking to return to school? The Association on American Indian Affairs awarded Displaced Homemaker Scholarships to men and women who might not be able to complete their educational goals otherwise because of family responsibilities. The awards are $1,000 each and funds can be used for basic living expenses, child care, transportation and education costs. Applicants for this returning students scholarship must attend school full-time. For additional info, visit

Jaycees Members

Are you an active member of the Jaycees? You might qualify for the Charles R. Ford Scholarship. Each year an active member of the Jaycees looking to return to college to complete their education is awarded a one-time scholarship of $2,500. The award is sent directly to your college or university of choice to be applied to tuition, lab fees, books, academic costs and room and board under the control of the institution of higher education. To get more details, visit

ANTSHE Members

Are you a member of the Association of Nontraditional Students in Higher Education (ANTSHE)? Check out the annual Kazimour Scholarship sponsored by ANTSHE and Dr. Kim Kazimour. The scholarship awards three $500 awards, two for undergrads and one for a grad student. Find out more about these scholarships for adult learners at

Royal Neighbors Members

Did you know you might qualify for scholarship money from Royal Neighbors of America? Their non-traditional scholarship program gives education support to members who do not fall into the usual college age range. You might receive one of fifteen scholarship awards for applicants age 23 and older. Part-time students are eligible for a $500 scholarship and full-time students are eligible to apply for a $1,000 award. To get more information, visit

Homemakers Pursuing an Accounting Degree

Are you a homemaker with few marketable job skills looking to pursue a degree in accounting? You may qualify for the EFWA (Accounting) Women in Transition (WIT) Scholarship if you are an incoming or current freshman, or returning to school with freshman status. Recipients get up to $16,000 over four years to pursue their degree in accounting. Visit to get additional information about this scholarship opportunity.

ALow Income Women Over 35

Are you a low-income female over the age of 35 with a vision of you higher education with benefit you, your family and your community? If so, check out the Jeanette Rankin Foundation grants for $2,000 awarded every fall. The funds may be used for books, child care, transportation, supplies, tuition expenses and living expenses. Get additional details at

Non-Traditional Women Students Who Can't Find Funds

Are you a non-traditional female student having a hard time finding scholarships you might qualify for? If you are 25 years or older, you might qualify for one of the Linda Lael Miller Scholarships to help cover costs for tuition, books, child care, transportation and other basic expenses not covered by many traditional scholarships. Find out more at

Women With Interrupted Education

Are you a woman whose education was interrupted to take care of family or attend to other changing demands in your life? The P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education grants might be perfect for you. They offer grants up to $1,500 to help cover educational expenses, transportation, childcare and tuition. To find out more about scholarships to resume higher education, check out

Women Re-Entering the Workforce

Are you a female entering or re-entering the workforce looking to get essential skills and education to improve your employment status? Check out the Soroptimist's Women's Opportunity Awards for women attending or accepted into an undergraduate degree program or vocation/skills training. Awards up to $10,000 may be used for all kinds of educational expenses including child care, books, tuition, transportation and housing. Learn more about this scholarship at

More organization and institutes of higher learning are recognizing the increasing number of non-traditional students. Adult learners and returning students have a wide variety of scholarship opportunities to help make their educational dreams a reality.