Veterans Scholarships and Grants

Veterans scholarships and grants offer essential educational assistance to military veterans. All levels of service are acknowledged with a variety of veterans scholarships and grants to help cover tuition, books, lodging and expenses for those who served their country.

Department of Defense Veterans

The Department of Defense helps veterans pay for college and higher education through a series of scholarships and grants based on the desired course of study.

Veterans Advanced Fellowships and Professional Development in Health Care

Are you dedicated to pursuing a career in health care? Employees of the VA need essential health care skills to develop dentist and physician proficiency along with leadership and outstanding academic scholarships. Fellowships are granted for health issue issues such as dental research, women veterans and advanced geriatrics. If you are ready to make a difference in VA health care, learn more about Department of Veterans Affairs Advanced Fellowships and Professional Development at

David L. Boren – The National Security Education Program

Are you ready to make a commitment to Federal service in the areas of higher education or national security affairs? Consider the veterans scholarships and fellowships from the National Security Education Program (NSEP) including the David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarships. Scholarships recipients are obligated to work in a Federal Government agency involved in national security affairs or in higher education. Undergrad scholarship recipients have the opportunity to obtain encouragement and resources in global areas related to future national security. Find out more about obtaining an international fellowship of up to $20,000 at

Language Specialists

If languages fascinate you, check out the National Flagship Initiative (NFLI) at NSEP to learn proficiency in languages crucial to national security. A partnership between NSEP and the National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland offers Flagship Programs across the US. Targeted fellowships coupled with Flagship Programs help create educated graduates ready to work for offices and agencies of the Federal government. To get additional details visit

Disabled Veterans

Disabled veterans scholarships and grants help those military members who were injured while serving our country. Special scholarships and grants make it possible for disabled veterans to attain higher education or new skills.

Disabled War Veterans

Are you a disabled veteran, reservist or National Guard personnel who is disabled due to wound received during active-duty combat serve in Iraqi Freedom Operations or Enduring Freedom Afghanistan? If so, you may qualify for the newly established Disabled War Veterans Scholarships from the AFCEA Education Foundation through contributions from Microsoft Corporation and its employees. Scholarships of $2,500 each are awarded to applicants enrolled and attending a two-year or four-year accredited college in the US or its affiliated distance learning or online degree granting program. More information is available through Norma Corrales at 703-631-6149 or (800) 336-4583 ext. 6149 at

Students in California

Are you interested in studying business, technology, science, medicine or engineering at De Anza College in California? You might qualify for the De Anza College Scholarships for Veterans of $2,000 if you sustained an injury in combat or served in a combat zone. Applicants need a minimum 2.5 GPA, financial need and maintain enrollment of at least 6 credits per quarter. Get additional details at

For Dependents

Veterans scholarships and grants for dependents give spouses and children of veterans access to college or trade school. The families of military members may qualify for additional educational assistance.

Military Children

Is your mom or dad an active duty, reserve, guard or retired military personnel? Are you the survivor of a deceased military member? Do you hold a military dependent identification card? You might be able to get one of the $1,500 scholarships from the Scholarship Fund for Military Children Program. Students must be enrolled in full-time study with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Get additional info at

Air Force Aid Society General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program

Are you the son or daughter of an active duty Air Force member, Title 10 AGR/Reservist, Title 32 AGR performing full-time active-duty, retired, retired reserve or deceased member? Or are you the spouse of an active duty member stationed stateside, or surviving spouse of a deceased member? The Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) offers the General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant based on family income and education cost factors in the amount of $2,000. Learn more about these grants at

Tuition Assistance for Spouses Accompany Air Force Members Overseas

Are you the spouse of an Active Duty airman or officer accompanying the member to overseas locations? If you are attending college programs, you may qualify for the General George S. Brown Spouse Tuition Assistance Program (STAP). An amount of up to $1,500 is awarded per academic year for the 12-month period August 1 through July 31 annually. Get more details at

Spouses and Children of Active-Duty US Military Personnel

Is your spouse or parent an active-duty US military personnel member? If so, you may qualify for the ThanksUSA Scholarship Program. Up to 500 scholarships of $3,00 each are available to children and spouses of active-duty US military personnel to attend accredited two and four year schools. The scholarships include members of the Armed Forces who were killed or wounded in action. The scholarship programs opens on April 1 with a deadline of May 15 based on financial need, leadership, academic performance and community service. Find out more visit

Army Emergency Relief (AER)

visit for more info.

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society's (NMCRS) education programs

visit for more info.

Basic Veterans Scholarship and Grants

There are many veterans scholarships and grants for military members who are active on duty or looking to return to the civilian workforce.

Montgomery GI Bill

Service members, eligible veterans and even their families looking to return to civilian life are eligible for the federal program through the Montgomery GI Bill. The benefits include education, medical, housing and more. Education benefits are up to 356 months for certificate and degree programs, correspondence courses, flight training, apprenticeship and on-the-job training. In certain situations, deficiency, refresher and remedial courses may be approved. The MGIB program is also referred to as Chapter 30. Benefits are payable up to 10 years after release of active duty. To learn more about these benefits and other related veterans scholarships and grants, visit

Grants for Coast Guard

The Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) Supplement Education Grant (SEG) reimburses certain costs associated with seeking a first associate or bachelor degree or a Vocational or Technical Training Certificate or a General Equivalency Diploma. The program is for CGMA members and eligible family members. If the program is not otherwise covered by Coast Guard Tuition Assistance or other similar programs, students might qualify for reimbursement of $250 per calendar year. Find out more at

Vietnam Veterans in North Carolina

Are you a Vietnam veteran or family member living in certain counties in North Carolina? You might qualify for the North Carolina Vietnam Veterans, Inc. scholarship and grant programs. If the veteran has a Vietnam Service Medal, the veteran and spouses, children, grandchildren, adopted children and foster children are eligible for the $500 grant toward tuition, books, fees or housing for a study year. Get additional information at

AMVETS Scholarship Program for Veterans or Family Members

Are you a veteran or family member who is financially needy or a veterans who depleted financial aid? You might qualify for the AMVETS Scholarship Program based on financial need, academic excellence and merit. Scholarships are awarded for full-time graduate or undergrad programs or a certification or degree program from an accredited technical or trade school. With evidence of enrollment and meeting prescribed academic standards, $1,000 is awarded annually for a four-year maximum. Veterans and family members can get more info at


Are you looking to attend an undergraduate program at DeVry University and are a student who served in the US Armed Forces? You might qualify for a Veteran's Appreciation Grant of $250 to $500 per session with a minimum 2.5 CGPA and at least 6 credit hours per semester or one course per session for graduate students.

Are you a veteran, spouse, natural or adopted children with financial need looking to attend DeVry and not receiving 100 percent tuition reimbursement? You may be eligible for the DeVry AMVETS Scholarship of up to $9,000 with continuous enrollment and a minimum 2.0 CGPA. To learn more about the Veteran's Appreciation Grant and AMVETS Scholarship visit

Purple Heart Members and Family

Are you a member, spouse, widow, dependent or grandchild of the Military Order of the Purple Heart? If so, you might be eligible for the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) Scholarship toward higher education. For additional info, visit or call (703) 642-5360.

Veterans scholarships and grants make it possible for military members and their families to pursue undergraduate studies, graduate studies, trade school or technical school for a brighter future.