Essays/Personal Statements

These require students to provide well written essays and statements about why they want what they want and why they should be the one to get it! This criterion is part and parcel of increasingly competitive scholarship and entry competitions. If you have the grades and the history, don’t take the chance of blowing your opportunities with an inferior essay or personal statement. For students graduating high school this year or for undergraduates looking at continued study now is the time to prepare essay and personal statement templates. This means writing an essay that is personal and compelling, along with a personal statement that clearly elucidates your experience, goals and achievements. Create a template that can be adapted to all of the different institutions you might apply to for money or admission.

It pays to be organized before the scholarship rounds and entry processes begin. Make lists of tertiary institutions you would like to attend and get hold of the entrance criteria. Visit your schools career counselor or financial officer to find out what scholarship options are available. Prepare a folder in which you keep this information and other important details and documents which are related to the application process. Also include in the folder, copies of references, personal details and financial data so that if an opportunity arises there is no reason to delay an application.

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