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It goes without saying that correct grammar, spelling and syntax are critical aspects of a good English essay. Other subjects may allow students a little leeway in these writing components but no English professor will; often the marks for grammar are significantly higher than in other essay types. English essays are therefore well edited works following rules of micro and macro editing to make sure every grammatical writing component is perfected, and that includes consistency and style.

Even for factual data essays the English essay should be creatively written. Creative non-fiction is a fundamental skill of the English student and expectations with regard to writing style will be significant. A good topic choice will allow for greater creative freedom and gives the author some ability to choose a familiar or intriguing subject, which in turn will infuse the essay with a greater understanding and passion.

The English essay must adhere strictly to the required writing style and professional standards of formatting. That is, a great English essay will state the idea or thesis in the opening paragraphs clearly and concisely. For non fiction this will be followed by comprehensive arguments and evidence as well as opposing arguments and evidence. For fiction writing the opening will follow with character and plot development which grows a story to a height of suspense and a well rounded sense of place and purpose. Both fiction and non-fiction should wrap up with a conclusion that ties up all loose ends and offers closure to the reader.

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