Micro/Macro Editing

Editing a large document at the end of writing can be a mammoth task. It helps to do some micro editing along the way and at the completion of a draft to do a macro edit followed by one last micro edit. The differences between the two edits are: Micro editing; entails correcting the text for appropriate language including grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, clarity of expression, consistency (both language and visual consistency), and correct citations.

Macro editing; in addition to the above, ensures that the structure, content, language and style of the document are appropriate to its intended function and readership.

Word processing programs can of course go a long way in helping to create well spelt, grammatically correct papers. Some of the common functions apart from spelling that students should take advantage of are grammar checks and readability statistics which are available for selection under the preferences tab. Using the grammar tool to find out if sentences are fragmented or passive can go a long way in tightening up copy and creating an affirmative tone in your papers.

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