Tips for Effective Study

Studying for exams is stressful and so the first tip for effective study is to turn off the stress and turn on the mind. Fifteen minutes of jumping on a trampoline, running or brisk walking will feed your mind the oxygen it needs to work well. Before that eat a healthy breakfast, fish and nuts would be ideal but if that grosses you out first thing in the morning a healthy breakfast cereal will do. Once the body is prepared it is time to wake up the mind. Deep healthy breathing and some left brain/right brain work will make your mind wide open to the rigours of study.

The breathing is self explanatory and you are likely doing it anyway! For the brain wake up call tap your head and rub your stomach at the same time – it works! There are a few of these physical brain benders out there; we all know one and these actually work to make the mind fully awake. Now that you are ready in body and mind it is time for revision and review.

Start by reviewing your notes and consider as you go whether you fully grasp what has been taught. Where you are confident that you are well versed in the subject matter, move on. Your time is better spent rounding out the areas where your knowledge is lacking or superficial. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to be able to source any information you missed or to flesh out concepts you don’t fully understand.

Set aside specific times for study each day. That way you won’t be distracted by other things. If possible make it a time when you know your household will be relaxed and quiet or if you are living on campus, choose a time you know many others will be studying too.

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