Gadgets for Students

One of our all time favorite gadgets for students is a pen that can record lectures and photograph notes, images and presentations for email or upload to your computer. Or, just keep data stored on the pens hard drive which is as large as those that are available in many net books! In addition to being a great audio visual recorder the pen can actually write and has changeable cartridges. This is the Echo Smartpen and it’s available for purchase online.

Another favorite gadget perfect for the student population is the Dreammate Sleep Inducer. Students who struggle to get some shut-eye after a frenzied day of study, work and play will find this gadget is a dream. The concept is based upon the premise of acupuncture so you put this gadget on your wrist at night and the dream-mate massages the golden triangle of the left wrist, which is the acupuncture point that will calm the body and lower heart rate and stress. Perfect physiological conditions are created for getting a good night sleep.

Another of our favorites isn’t quite as unique but it is an amazing tool for the student that can afford it and that is the Apple iPad. It’s capable of taking care of all the note-taking, organizational, contact and scheduling information you will ever need. Plus you can use it to access your resource material and read the books you need for study. This does so much to ease student life that it had to be added.

A final great piece of technology we want you to know about was released this year and it is, ‘The Bento 3 Student Survival Kit’. For students this is a really awesome alternative to the iPad with just as many functions and features. Released by FileMaker the kit is designed to track classes, projects, notes and more! Specifically it has five templates which help to organize and collect lecture notes, manage group assignments and tasks; it has an event planner/organizer for school or social engagements, the course tracker for classes, grades, pre-requisites and credits, as well as a job search template to follow job applications, interviews and contact information. Video and audio options for database entries make it easy to post and keep track of grades, credits and other stuff. There are also heaps more downloadable templates for all the other important aspects of life. Plus it syncs to your home computer and mobile hardware.

The Bento package is available for download to Apple products including the Mac, iPhone, iPod and of course the iPad and also Windows. The trial version is free from, The student survival kit is a great addition to the original Bento package which offers users a whole raft of other organizational services from iTunes to spreadsheets. All with pre-written templates to make ease of use as smooth as peanut butter but with some interesting crunchy bits too!

Most students today are reliant upon technology to keep track of what has to be done day to day right down to knowing what is due and when. And if you’re like some of us, you have more than one device tracking everything and that’s where the ability to sync all devices is critical. The bad news is for Windows users this won’t be so easy. Mac users though have it made with this software. It’ll sync between your Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod! You can also share and sync with up to five other Bento users which is an amazing tool for group projects or assignments.

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