Where to go for help?

A number of resources are made available to tertiary students through their campuses.

Health and counselling services are confidential and discreet and can deal with or make a referral for just about every health service a student might need. Triage medical care and treatment of health problems as well as regular health checks and prescription medications are all part of the medical service of most schools today.

Counselling services cater for thousands of students every year. Students can go here simply to talk to someone, for company, or for more serious issues like grief counselling or feelings that are creating problems in the student’s life. Other services are available for students with specific issues like cultural isolation, disability, ESOL or other community or isolation type issues.

Career advice is available on every campus to help students maintain a direction which is leading them to their goals. Students who aren’t sure about the courses they are taking, who want to change majors or take conjoint programs can seek advice from the Career counsellor. This person can also be instrumental in helping students to find job or academic placements. In addition the careers office will likely hold events and information fairs, link to useful websites and facilitate industry seminars.