Orientation Week

Every tertiary facility will provide an opportunity for students to become oriented within the school. Today’s campuses are geographically huge with many buildings and resources to discover and navigate. Orientation weeks are an opportunity for student to discover where everything is, their classes, labs and resources. It is also a chance for them to meet others in the school, make friends and find out about social, extracurricular and sporting opportunities within the school.

Orientation weeks usually include campus tours to give students the chance to check out lecture theatres, buy supplies and explore the entire campus which will probably have computer suites, libraries, eating and study spaces and a whole other range of facilities in addition to the classroom or lecture hall. These tours should also point out the location of student councillors, financial controllers and the Ombudsman. Aside from the logistical aspects of figuring out where everything is, orientation week will set you up with information about how to study, the administrative and academic structures of the school and recreational opportunities.

Orientation is a great opportunity to meet other students and staff and do some fun stuff with them to break the ice. If you’re going to live on campus orientation is a chance to check out where you’ll be living and with whom. Some campuses offer mentors or mentor groups to new students and you’ll get to meet these nice people too.

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