Stay Involved in Your Kids Education

Most parents will want to keep abreast of how their child’s education is progressing and any issues that may arise. School counselling offices are usually receptive to parent enquiries regarding school policy and opportunities. At this stage in their life your child will want to make their own decisions but by staying involved you will be able to give them informed advice when they do need it.

Other ways to stay involved are to maintain an interest in their studies by offering advice regarding courses and accepting and encouraging the decisions they make. Offer to edit or proof student essays or papers even if it’s just for spelling and grammar. They will probably appreciate having a fresh view of their work.

If campus is too hectic of an environment for quiet study, offer them a peaceful study space at home. Encourage your child to be self sufficient financially and to seek out social and sporting opportunities within the school. Finally find out about the pastoral resources available through the school so that when your kid needs something you can help steer them in the right direction.

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