Healthy Eating for Learning

You are what you eat; your body is a temple and so on and so forth. The point is that what goes in has a really big impact on what comes out, and that is true in terms of how well you can think, concentrate and function. So when it’s really important to be able to concentrate and be brilliant it makes sense to avoid putting in anything that will make you sick, lethargic or comatose; like alcohol, drugs, tobacco and junk food. The junk food category includes sweets as well as greasy deep fried food.

The right food on the other hand can really ramp up the thought and retention processes. Some of the best brain foods are not always the popular favorites and if this is true you can take the good stuff in the foods in a supplement form, especially when you have exams or important papers due. The pundits agree the very best brain foods are those containing Omegas . Fish is one of those foods you either love or hate but like it or not, it is fantastic for obtaining brain fortifying minerals and Omegas.

You will be happy to hear that the brain really likes glucose but not so happy to hear perhaps, that it likes glucose that breaks down slowly – like the glucose in bananas, not the glucose candy. If you ate bananas and fish all day you’d be brilliantly mentally prepared for learning. The other thing to remember about the brain (which consumes 20% of the body’s protein intake) is that it likes to eat smaller amounts more often – back to the bananas! Foods that provide healthy fats are slow burning and also contain protein, including seeds and nuts.

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