College Entrance Exams

If you were asked what your biggest hurdle was to getting into college, entrance exams would probably appear in your top three.

The SAT and ACT are standardized tests that have been used for many years, and the questions are updated on a regular basis. Both have proven to be efficient in comparatively rating students regarding the knowledge acquired and retained during their K-12 years. Then, based on their scores, it is possible to make an educated assessment as to whether the student has the potential to be successful in college. High scores are also used to determine academic aptitude when GPA’s are lower than desired.

Both are offered multiple times a year, and may be taken more than once. There are numerous resources for study for these exams available – from on line to classroom. In the end, studyingfor and taking the tests multiple timescan pay off big financially bymaking the student more desirable for college or university admission. Increased final scores often result in offers of greater financial aid from the college itself, and an increased eligibility rating for scholarships.

Here are some useful links that will help guide you in selecting which exam you should take. You will find comparison charts between the two, as well as score conversion charts, and charts indicating the differences in subject matter covered by each. We’ve also included information about study guides and practice questions.


College Board

This website is unusual because it is designed to help both you and your parents navigate the waters of your voyage to college. In addition to information about college entrance exams, you will find details about earning early credit in high school, how to apply for college, and a myriad of other subjects.

In Like Me

You’ll find more info on this site about the SAT and the ACT. You’ll also find articles on how to apply for college, how to apply for financial aid, how to plan your course, and there is even a list of Ivy League colleges and the top 50 other schools in the country. Go to and see what’s there.

Study Guide Zone

This is one web address you won’t want to lose. It will serve you will in finding study questions and practice guides for the ACT and SAT, but that’s not all. There is help for students who need to study for just about every standardized test in existence, right here in one place. The website is

Go to the Source – ACT v. SAT

If you have the choice between taking the SAT and the ACT, and are still trying to sort it all out, go to the source. Each has their own home website that will give you all the information you could ever want to help you with your decision. The sites are and

“Taming Entrance Exam Anxiety”

There is an excellent article that will help you out if you tend to get test jitters. This piece compares the two tests and tells you exactly what you will need to know for each. It also has details about where to go to get pre-test help if you need it. Check out and search for the title noted above.

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