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Because student discounts are available for Microsoft Word through just about every school upgrading to Word 07 is well worth the money for what it offers in terms of citing, formatting and tabling. Using Word 07, the main referencing options are available to student’s pre-formatted and in such a way that students know exactly what they need to include for each referencing style and source type. That is worth volumes because keeping track of referencing styles and how each source is supposed to be presented differently for each style can be really frustrating.

Plus the Word 07 referencing tools are easy to use and they include the insertion of in-text citations, footnotes, headings, sub-headings, tables, and cross references. When you are ready, at the end of your project a simple click will create a table of contents and a bibliography in your required citation style. To use this great tool just click on the citation style before you start your document; on the toolbar at the top of the Word menu is the word references, click on this and you will find tools for creating a table of contents, footnotes and endnotes, citations, captions, table of figures, cross references, indexes and table of authorities. From here you have several options:

Table of Contents: To create a table of contents go to each heading or sub-heading you want included in the table. Click Update Table and then, when all headings and sub-headings have been updated, at the front of the document where you want the table to sit, click Table of Contents and then, Insert Table of Contents and a listing of your headings, sub-headings and their corresponding pages will appear. Footnotes/Endnotes: Click Insert Footnote or Insert Endnote and Word will put in the appropriate reference number and take you to the right place to type in the details of the citation.

In-Text Citations: Click Insert Citation. A box will come up in which you choose the source type, for example journal article or book. This choice will bring up a number of information boxes appropriate for the writing style and source type. Once the details are entered the source is available for additional citations.

Bibliography or References or Works Cited: At the end of the document insert a reference list by clicking Bibliography and then Insert Bibliography. A reference list cited in the correct format for your writing style will appear quoting the correct information required for the citation style chosen at the beginning of the document.

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