Another citation style which is commonly used but is tricky because it is usually tailored to suit different schools is the Harvard citation style. The Harvard writing style is often used in variation (each school has its own version) depending upon the subject and the academic institution but a few of the fundamentals is consistent. The Reference list is titled References and the list is in order by author’s last name, using full last name then initials and proper punctuation for the first name. Titles are italicized and for books with more than 6 authors, the term et al can be used any time after the third author. In text citations are used in parenthesis showing authors last name only, no initials, year of publication and page numbers. Where the author is unknown the in-text citation should state the tile. All in-text references must show complete information in the References list.

With regard to page layout and font it is up to the course specifications and/or the author’s personal choice. That said, it is usually safe to use Time Roman, 12pt with one inch margins if you want to err on the side of caution. Footnotes and endnotes are not accepted in Harvard Style unless specified by the course instructor.

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