AMA style was developed by the American Medical Association. This style is quite specialized and primarily used for papers related to the medical sciences. The presentation and ordering of citations is the same regardless of the information type and rather than an alpha or numeric order the citations are listed in the order in which they appear in the text. All referencing lines are flush left – no indentation on the second and subsequent lines. Font should be 10 or 12 point.

For authors or contributors only the first three should be listed followed by the term, ‘et al’. For example a paper with three authors would be listed as, Smith J, Jones P, Davis ME, et al. Only last names and initials are used when referencing. For website references this style requires the name of the web page, the website URL and the dates created and viewed in full bibliographical reference. There are no in-text citations or footnotes using this writing style. All references must be fully cited on the reference page.

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