Choosing the Right School

Deciding on the right school shouldn’t just be about where that school sits on the international rating scale or its geographical location. Perfect tertiary education is personal; it is dependant on the courses desired, students’ personal interests and abilities and future goals. The first thing student’s and their families want to think about in making this choice is what are the student’s strengths and weaknesses and which are the most important programs of study, or in other words what occupation would be the right fit the this particular person.

Technical Institutes and Universities often offer very different types of education. Many technical institutes will have a predominantly practical approach to a specific trade. These may include courses ranging from hairdressing to engineering to public health. So although the range is broad the courses offered are usually focused upon a hands-on type practical career that will lead the student in a very specific direction.

Universities on the other hand offer theoretical subjects and study in addition to practical applications. Undergraduate students are given opportunities to study a range of subjects which might steer them in the direction of a band of graduate subjects or careers. Students who enjoy the classroom learning environment will generally enjoy the classroom setting (lecture halls, labs and tutorials) of a university.

It makes sense to look at the kind of person the student is, their personal likes and dislikes and the type of learner they are before deciding what type of school they should attend. Once that is determined (see our articles regarding learning styles) the next step is to find a facility with a good reputation in the student’s chosen field of study. That doesn’t mean a decision about long term career options has to be made now but generally, some schools are well renowned for sciences, or technology or the arts amongst others. Choosing a school that excels in the student’s area of interest will ensure a top class education and facilities specific to that person’s interest.

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