Virginia Scholarships and Grants

You’re a high school senior this year! You’re ready to embark on the next part of life’s journey and ready to go to college. Despite all the activities and fun with friends and college applications, why don’t you take a deep breath, and think about applying for scholarships, too. Everyone can use a break with the high costs of higher education! Listed below are some great opportunities, but if you don’t find one here that’s just right for you, go see your high school guidance counselor who has access to many, many more. Wishing you the best of luck with your new journey!

American Legion Auxiliary -- Dr. Kate Waller Barrett Grant

If you are a Virginia graduating senior, and have a parent, upon whom you are dependent, who is a member of the American Legion Auxiliary, you’re half way to qualifying for this scholarship. You will be required to provide proof of financial need. Funds, in the amount of $1,000, may be used at 2 or 4-year accredited colleges and universities. If you would like more information, go to the website, or contact:
American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Virginia
Education Chairman
1708 Commonwealth Avenue
Richmond, VA 23230
Phone: 804-355-6410

Horatio Alger District of Columbia, Maryland & Virginia Scholarship Program

If you are a high school senior who has already faced and overcome great obstacles in your life, you need to take a closer look at this program.

You must be a graduating high school senior, living in one of the above mentioned states, who can demonstrate financial need. You must have a history of academic achievement, with at least a 2.0 GPA. Depth of character and your commitment to community service are also deciding factors. To apply you will need to submit an essay, copy of your transcript, a letter of support, and an income statement. The scholarship may be used for full-time undergraduate study at accredited universities and colleges in the United States. There are multiple awards, each in the amount of $2,500. Visit this website for additional information:

Virginia Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship

You have worked hard and have shown consistently high scholastic achievement! Now, due to that hard work, you may qualify for this prestigious scholarship. You must be a graduating high school senior, living in Virginia. Your high school principal or guidance counselor has all the information about this general scholarship, and you must be nominated for it by your school. The award is renewable for up to four years, with an initial amount of $1,500 per year. Those selected for this scholarship may attend any accredited college or university anywhere in the United States. You can find more information on line at:

Virginia Lee-Jackson

This is a scholarship designated for a student who has writing talent, and selection is based on an essay competition. It may be entered by high school seniors, who are interested in a career in journalism or writing. The essay is to reflect appreciation for those virtues exemplified by General Robert E. Lee or General Stonewall Jackson. The amount of this award is dependent upon the quality of the essay, and there are additional awards given for those deemed outstanding. Your essay is to be submitted to your high school principal or guidance counselor. If you would like more information about this unusual opportunity, go to the website: