Louisiana Scholarships and Grants

Congratulations, high school seniors! What a great time in your life – hope you are enjoying every minute. It’s busy – there are lots of activities – and you are planning for a GIANT step into an exciting future. Who knows where the journey will take you? There is one thing you do know for sure! You’d like to be able to go to college. Well, NOW is the time to think about applying for a scholarship or grant to give you a little financial help along the way. We’ve gathered some great opportunities and listed them below, but if none of these are a good fit, go see your high school guidance counselor. They will know about many, many more! Good luck on your journey!

Robert C. Byrd Honors

You have worked hard and have shown consistently high scholastic achievement! Now, due to your hard work, you may qualify for this prestigious scholarship. You must be a Louisiana resident and a high school senior to apply. Scholastically, you are required to have at least a 3.5 GPA, minimum 970 SAT, or 23 ACT score. Award is renewable for up to four years, with an initial amount of $1,500 per year. You must be registered for selective service, if applicable. Students at military academies are not eligible. This award may be used for tuition at schools located outside of Louisiana. For details see the website: www.doe.state.la.us/lde/students.html.

Horatio Alger Louisiana

If you are a high school senior who has already faced and overcome great obstacles in your life, you need to take a closer look at this program.

Other requirements include Louisiana residency; that you be able to demonstrate financial need; that you have a minimum GPA of 2.0, and have a record of good academic achievement; that you are serious-minded in your approach to your future; and, that you are service oriented. Along with your completed application you will need to submit an essay, copy of your transcript, a letter of support, and an income statement. The scholarship may be used for full-time undergrad study at designated colleges which include Loyola-New Orleans, McNeese State University, Tulane, University of New Orleans, and Xavier University. There is no specified field of study for this award, but you must be in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. Please visit this website for an application: www.horatioalger.org/scholarships. These scholarships are for $10,500.

Louisiana Go Grants

Grants are a wonderful thing because, unlike student loans, they don’t have to be paid back. This grant is intended to give financial aid to low to moderate income students. You must receive a Pell Grant to qualify. To apply, you are required to complete the free, on line FAFSA application (see note above). The amount of this grant ranges from $500 to $2,000, and is renewable. For more details, go to www.osfa.state.la.us.

Louisiana Rockefeller Wildlife

Can you see yourself with a career in wildlife/fisheries, forestry, or oceanographic/marine sciences? If you are a resident of the state and can demonstrate financial need, this just might be your ticket to school. To apply you must have a GPA of at least 2.5, and complete the free FAFSA application on line (details in note above). This award is in the amount of $1,000 and is intended for use by full-time students in 4-year institutions. For more details, visit the website www.osfa.state.la.us.

Louisiana Veterans Affairs Educational Assistance for Dependent Children

If you are a resident of the state, and a dependent of a disabled (at least 90%), or deceased veteran who died as a result of a service-related injury, you might qualify for this program. Further, you may be eligible if the disability rating is 60% with a 100% unemployable classification. To apply you must submit a certificate of eligibility. The amount of this award varies, but is a tuition waiver at all Louisiana state-supported schools. For more details, please check the website: www.vetaffairs.com.