Alabama Scholarships and Grants

Alabama scholarships and grants make it possible to afford your dream of higher education. You worked hard to earn good grades to get accepted into college. Now you need to find the money to pay for it. Alabama scholarships and grants can mean the difference between going to college or putting your goals on hold. There is money waiting for you simply for being an Alabama resident with certain educational goals.


Engineering is a lucrative career field with plenty of opportunities for graduates. If you want to major in engineering, there is an Alabama scholarship just for you.

Charles E. Alexander Transportation Engineering Scholarship ( is based on several criteria. To be considered for this award, you must:

  • Enroll in a Civil Engineering course at an ABET accredited university in Alabama state;
  • Be a junior or higher at the college;
  • Show a strong commitment to transportation engineering;
  • Show you financially need the Alabama scholarship to further your education;
  • Get a recommendation from a faculty member or an ALSITE member or affiliate member; and
  • You cannot be related to any Board Member of ALSITE Scholarships.

You need an official scholarship application and faculty or ALSITE recommendation to apply for the Charles E. Alexander Transportation Engineering Scholarship.

Students With Blind Parents

Alabama scholarships exist for dependent students with blind parents. The scholarship award pays for tuition and instructional fees at an Alabama state institution.

To qualify for the Alabama Scholarships for Dependents of Blind Parents (, you must show the head of your family is blind. Applicants must also show their family income is insufficient to pay for higher education.

You must apply for Scholarships for Dependents of Blind Parents within two years after high school graduation. For an application, contact Debra Culver, Rehab Specialist, Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, 2129 East South Blvd., Montgomery, AL 36116-2455, telephone 1-800-441-7607.

Student Assistance Program

Beside Alabama scholarships, there is an Alabama Student Assistance Program to help students in financial need. Take advantage of the only need-based student aid program in Alabama to pay for your higher education. To qualify, you must be an undergraduate student attending one of the eligible Alabama institutions of higher learning. With approximately 80 institutions participating in the Alabama student assistance program, there are plenty of options.

The Alabama Student Assistance Program offers a state/federal grant of anywhere from $300 to $2,500 each academic year to undergraduate students.

Military Members and Dependents

If you are a child or spouse of an eligible Alabama veterans, there might be money for tuition, fees and books waiting for you. The GI Dependents' Educational Benefit Program is for students attending Alabama public institutions of higher education. For more information or an application, call (334) 242-5077 or request a form from the Alabama State Department of Veterans Affairs, P.O. Box 1509, Montgomery, AL 36102-1509.

If you are a student and active member in good standing of the National Guard, you might be entitled to money. The Alabama National Guard Educational Assistance Program pays $500 to $1,000 per term toward tuition, educational fees and books. Fund are limited and it is best to directly contact your Alabama National Guard unit to apply early.

Grants For Higher Education

Unlike loans, grants are free money you don't have to pay back. The Alabama Student Grant Program gives you an award of up to $1,200 each academic year if you attend an eligible independent Alabama university or college. Institutes of higher learning included in the Alabama Student Grant Program include Birmingham-Southern College, Concordia College, Faulkner University, Huntingdon College, Judson College, Miles College, Oakwood College, Samford University, Selma University, Southeastern Bible College, Southern Vocational College, Spring Hill College, Stillman College, and the University of Mobile. To get an application, contact your school of choice.

You could be entitled to college money if you are an Alabama resident and the son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter of a veteran of World War I, World War II, Korea or Vietnam. The American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship Program is a grant for tuition, board expenses and other fees to attend a public postsecondary educational institution located in Alabama. To get an application, contact American Legion Department Headquarters, American Legion Auxiliary, 120 North Jackson Street, Montgomery, AL 36104, phone 334-262-1176. The deadline is April 1. Another option is the American Legion Scholarship Program at Department Adjutant, The American Legion, P. O. Box 1069, Montgomery, AL 36192, phone (334) 262-6638. The deadline for this one is also April 1.

Top Performers

The Junior and Community College Athletic Scholarship Program is an award to cover all of part of the tuition and book costs to attend a public junior and community college in Alabama. These Alabama scholarships are based on your athletic ability and you must try-out. You do not have to establish financial need to qualify for this Alabama scholarship. For more information, contact the financial aid director or athletic director at your Alabama community or junior college of choice.

If you have artistic talent, consider the Junior and Community College Performing Arts Scholarship Program to cover your tuition costs at junior and community colleges in Alabama. You do not have to show financial need but must compete through auditions to earn these Alabama scholarships. Again, your best move is to contact the financial aid office at your community college of choice in Alabama.

The Two Year College Academic Scholarship Program gives you an ability to have your tuition paid at postsecondary educational institutions in Alabama based on your academic merit. Priority for these scholarships is given to Alabama residents. Applications are obtained from the financial aid office of your preferred junior or community college in Alabama.

Teachers, Survivors and Seniors

Are you a survivor, a senior or a tech teacher? There are Alabama scholarships just for you. Here are a few with specific criteria:

The Senior Adult Scholarship Program is a free tuition opportunity for people aged 60 and older. You must meet admission requirements and attend two-year postsecondary schools in Alabama. Just contact the financial aid office of your preferred college to get more information about going to school for free!

The Police Officer's and Firefighter's Survivor's Educational Assistance Program is a grant to cover tuition, books and fees for surviving dependents and spouses of Alabama firefighters and police officers killed in the line of duty. For more info and application forms contact the Alabama Commission on Higher Education, P.O. Box 302000, Montgomery, AL 36130-2000, phone (334) 242-2273.

Full-time certified Alabama teachers may qualify for a Technology Scholarship Program for Alabama Teachers. This state grant covers tuition and fees for approved technology courses at certain Alabama universities or colleges. For information and an application, contact the Alabama Commissioner on Higher Education, P.O. Box 302000, Montgomery, AL 36130-2000, phone (334) 242-2273.