Scholarship Thank You Letters

As with every opportunity you receive in life it is good practise to thank your benefactors. If you are organized and have created a funding folder which includes all of your paperwork, another addition to the folder will be a couple of pre-written thank you letters which can be modified to suit.

You may want to thank those who have denied your requests for money even, thanking them for the opportunity to participate in the process and for their consideration. It is a good idea to begin building lots of bridges at this stage of a student’s education and career.

You will definitely want to thank any funding bodies or charitable organisations which have offered you money. In addition to thanking the scholarship provider it would be prudent to thank any persons, schools, clubs or community leaders that supported the application. Thank family and friends even! These letters do not have to be elaborate, just a simple note to say thanks and to let your supporters know that the application was successful.

A letter to supporters might simply look like this:



Dear ____,

I thought you would like to know that I am the proud recipient of the _______________ scholarship. I am looking forward to the challenges ahead which would not have been possible without your help. I begin my studies at ___________ on ________________.

I want to thank you again for your recommendation. Your kind words were important in helping me land this opportunity.



Information to include in a great letter to thank the funding institution is similar, but of course you will also thank them for the money and their faith in you. A letter should be sent to each individual involved in the decision making process. So this letter might look like this:

Dear ______,

I write to thank you for the ________ scholarship/grant awarded to me for my studies in the field of ____________, commencing _____________, at __________________________.

In this part of the letter get personal. Be honest about how the scholarship will help you and your family fulfil your hopes and dreams. Tell your sponsor about why the money is important to you and what you hope to achieve in your course of study. Include information about why you chose this particular scholarship and relate your goals to the aims of the funding body. For example, for an athletic scholarship you might include information about the sports facilities at your place of study, positions you have been offered and how you will help further the aims of the funding body.

I want to thank you again for your faith in my ability to succeed and your contribution to my future success.



These letters may seem rather unimportant to the student, or you may not think it matters to the funding body, but they do matter to the people who have given their time and money. Most people are delighted to hear about the success and happiness they bring to another persons life and future. Showing your gratitude is a kind gesture to your benefactors and a good habit.